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Q: Why do we start live studies?

All students now stays at home due to the outbreak of CORONA VIRUS. This highly affect nations in general and students also as they cannot engage with their fellow students and also witht their teachers. The need for alternative means is inevitable and thats why we have introduced Live Studies via ShuleSoft.

Q: What Student can do via Live Studies?

Students can login in ShuleSoft account with their username and password and access live classes via their parents mobile phones, tablets or computers. All classes streamed live will also be recorded and available as normal video for students to download

For All Schools that don't use ShuleSoft:

For All Private Schools: Kindly contact your school to register their account with ShuleSoft to enable all students to login and access materials: Private schools can be registered here,

Files: Students can also access past papers, notes, books and other resources to help them study during this season

Q: Is there a support number?

ShuleSoft has different people answering all the calls that go through our main routing number; +255 655 406 004

How to Access ShuleSoft

Q: How do teachers and parents access ShuleSoft?

Teachers and parents will also have an account where they will be able to login and do specific tasks. Registered teachers will be able to provide lectures, notes and training to all students connected online. Parents will also be able to login and access their student performance

Q: Is it possible to teach students only in my school?

Yes, its possible for a teacher to interact with students on his/her class only. ShuleSoft has been designed a way to allow videos and contents to be shared either per class, or per school or with all students who are using ShuleSoft in all schools

Q: Why each user needs to have a password and username?

To protect privacy and offer content relevant to specific group, each user must be registered first and validated in order to access ShuleSoft. For private school, school head teacher or owners must first approve to allow students to use ShuleSoft. For schools that does not use ShuleSoft, students can easily register themselves via

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