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About Live Studies

There are 9 major Features that help schools to deliver digital learning direct to students at home via ShuleSoft.

1. Live Studies

This allows schools to stream live videos to students based on their classes. Students can easily login with their ShuleSoft username and password and engage their teachers online with questions and reviews.
All videos streamed remains in the platform as recorded videos, thus allowing students to review them at any time. All videos are arranged in the form of syllabus topics, creating a room for students to clearly understand the course.

2. Class Notes

Like live videos, class notes allow teachers to upload scanned class notes in the form of syllabus topics. Students can easily read notes online notes and participate by asking questions concerning the topic, where teachers are able to review and assist students.
Students are not able to download these notes unless the school decides to enable such an option. which further increase school privacy on their materials

3. Online Exams

With online exams, teachers can easily prepare exams online, allocate time to accomplish such an exam, and schedule it for students to be able to perform. Students can easily perform exams online and ShuleSoft will monitor time automatically to close the session where time is due. ShuleSoft will further generate all necessary reports like grading, ranking, report cards etc

4. Online Discussion Forum

This allows students to ask different questions and get a response from other students. Teachers can also add questions and let student provide answers but the subject teacher only will be allowed to mark a correct answer

5. Home packages management

Teachers can easily upload different home packages and students/parents can be able to view or download, work on them and submit back to the system A teacher can easily track who submitted and who does not and mostly, teachers can mark those assignments and all marks will be recorded in the system for further reporting purposes.

6. Accounts Management

This helps schools to set a special fees that parents may pay to enable students to study online via ShuleSoft. Parents can pay via Mobile Payments simply and money will be collected to school bank account instantly

7. SMS and Emails communication

ShuleSoft provide FREE SMS and Emails module that will enable school to send SMS to parents, teachers and staff. ShuleSoft also provide automatic SMS feature to remind parents about different events like routine, school calender, student performance, etc. Parents can also reply SMS and admin will view replied SMS in the SMS inbox

8. File hosting and Sharing

This allow schools to store different files and share files with staff members. School can decide to share different kind of files based on their needs including books, notes, lectures, assignment etc

9. Private Messaging

This feature allows private message sharing among people who are using the system. Students can submit assignments privately with teachers, parents can easily engage teachers and sharing of private information becomes easy and effective

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