ShuleSoft School Management System, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa Education Software

A Real Solution to Real Problems ShuleSoft School Management System

ShuleSoft is an extensible, scalable and easy to use school management system that simplifies school operations and interconnects parents, teachers, students and other school stakeholders

ShuleSoft school management system, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa Education Software

Intuitive User Experience

ShuleSoft is easy to use and simple to learn, consistent and clearly organized. You will always find what you're looking for

ShuleSoft school management system, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa Education Software

Low Load Time

ShuleSoft is backed by powerful and high performing servers that makes it run very fast

ShuleSoft school management system, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa Education Software

24/7 Support

With multiple means of support (tickets, SMS, calls and on site), we support schools, parents and partners that use ShuleSoft

*! Our clients and users enjoy the flexibility to send us any recommendations and suggestions of new features to improve ShuleSoft and their overall experience within the system
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ShuleSoft Overview

Understand how ShuleSoft works, its benefits and why schools are choosing to use it

Why ShuleSoft?

The benefits of using ShuleSoft

ShuleSoft has a number of benefits to the school using it that in turn leads to growth, improved performance and attaining school goals and objectives

Organization of school information

With ShuleSoft, all of your school information is organized into one place where you can easily access it, analyze and make a quick decision

Effective Financial Management

ShuleSoft automates school fees collection, allow easily creation of fee structure, generate school invoices, record revenue/expenses and easily generate financial statements

Streamline Communication

All School information can reach parents and other stakeholders easily via inbuilt SMS/Email communication, web portal, and mobile app where each user can login

Improvement of school's academic performance

With Few clicks, ShuleSoft generates academic reports including student report cards, consolidated reports, performance evaluation graphs, statistical analysis and much more, once teachers entered student marks. We save teachers time, helping them focus more on teaching

Improved Accountability and Transparency

ShuleSoft provides a transparent working processes. All reports and statistics are easily generated that leads to efficient and accountable staff.

Making Informed Decisions

With ShuleSoft, all stored data helps the school get different statistics that help them make very informed decisions

We address every school's challenges

Where ShuleSoft meets real problems

Our approach is on listening to our clients, gathering challenges and all inconveniences then address them in an easy to use and understand interface that clearly meets their needs

ShuleSoft school management system, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa Education Software

Accept Banks and Mobile Money Payments

It's even easier now with ShuleSoft, pay for fees wherever you are. Get an instant notification of your payment. If you're a school, check payment reports to see real time payments of fees

ShuleSoft Features

ShuleSoft is tailored to your specific needs as a school. With more than 17 modules, ShuleSoft covers a wide range of features that help schools improve their performance

Professional Accounting

  • Invoice & Receipts
  • Financial Statements
    • balance sheets
    • income statements
    • cash flow statements
  • Fee Structure Management
  • Know how much you need to collect
  • Get daily, weekly or monthly collection reports

Seamless Exam Reports (all types)

  • Single exam reports
  • Continuous assessment reports
  • Consolidated sheets
  • Position, average, ranks and division
  • Print class and streams reports at a button click

Free SMS and Emails Communication

  • Send SMS to normal phones
  • Read SMS replies in the system
  • Send reminders on fees balance to parents
  • Send unlimited customized SMSs

Users Management (Database)

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Secretaries
  • Drivers
  • Other Staff members

Transport Routes Management

  • Add different routes with their fair
  • Add students to specific routes
  • Modify routes/Remove students from routes

Subjects Management

  • Add and modify subjects
  • Specify grading system
  • Manage syllabus
  • Allocate teachers to subjects

More than 636+ schools are Loyal clients to ShuleSoft

Our clients are a huge part of what we do, we remain loyal to them, supporting every of their step, this makes them truly loyal to our system and services.

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